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Welcome to Calvert County

Family Daycare Association!



We currently have 90 registered family childcare providers in our Association. 

All of us are licensed by the State of Maryland and inspected every year.


Licensed family child care providers have background checks, fingerprinting, CPR, First 
Aid, SIDS training, many hours of training in several content areas, water safety
checks, Maryland State Fire Marshall fire inspections and more to ensure your child's safety. Before enrolling your child in a daycare please ensure that they have a state-approved childcare license. 



Upcoming Events for our members

Reasons to join

  • Free and low-cost training

  • Weekly emails with ideas for your business

  • Leads/Contact Information in need of care

  • Networking with other providers

  • Association Event in March


During this State of Emergency, child care programs have been established by the State to serve only designated essential personnel.


If you are looking for child care and one member of your family is deemed an essential please contact us about potential openings available. 



Location: Calvert County Maryland USA

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